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A POS System Tailored To You

Don't see what you are looking for in our suite? We can fix that for you by customizing a Clover application to your industry’s needs. Starting with design and user experience consultation, we help modify your mock ups or build the visuals from scratch as you see fit. Our product team takes a deep dive into your engineering and architectural needs to guarantee a clean development process from start to finish. We work with you to iterate and improve your app as your needs evolve to help you actualize success for your business.

Spec & Design

Develop & Manage

Concept & Tailoring

Launch & Analyze

As the first developer on the Clover app marketplace, Infuse has created a classic suite of apps to help organize your business. We are a team dedicated to innovation and practical application, and with our tools you will be able to realize the potential of your Clover device.

Why Clover with INFUSE?

The Only Suite of Clover Apps You Need to Make Your Business a Success.

INFUSE is Clover's premiere third-party development team.

Tel: 415-805-3392

One Hallidie Plaza, Suite 808

San Francisco, CA 94102

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